Floyd Mayweather Made Almost $1 Million Per Minute During The Maidana Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a very rich man, in case you weren’t aware.

Mayweather posted a photo to his Instagram last night boasting about how much money he made for his fight last weekend versus Marcos Maidana.

It’s quite a bit, to put it lightly.

Here’s the pic:

Mayweather posted a caption underneath the picture saying “$32,000,000.00 for 36 minutes. I’m waiting for the PPV numbers to come in so I can make another $38,000,000.00 on the back-end… making it a grand total of $70,000,000.00.”

Must be nice.

Of course, if Mayweather made this much money fighting Maidana, you’ve got to wonder how much money he and a certain Filipino boxer could make in a fight together.

The greatest boxer of all time is among the masses of fans who want to see a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout.

Muhammad Ali sent out a tweet following Mayweather’s victory saying “Congratulations @FloydMayweather. Maybe after you rest up we can see you rumble with @MannyPacquiao! #AliTweet.”


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