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Floyd Mayweather Looking Past Robert Guerrero, Towards Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Austin Trout

This weekend, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Austin Trout will participate in what is probably one of the three most talked-about bouts of 2013. Aside from the fact this match pits two up-and-comers on the verge of boxing royalty against one another to figure out who is truly the best, it will also likely narrow down the field and determine who Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s next foe will be.

Unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong, Mayweather will defeat Robert Guerrero this May. As part of his blockbuster new Showtime deal, he is required to fight twice per year. That means his next bout, an end-of-2013 match-up, will probably be against either Alvarez or Trout. And while both men are careful to point out that they’re not looking past one another, it’s understandably difficult for them to not at least acknowledge that they know what awaits them just around the corner.

“You know it'd be nice,” Trout said regarding the prospect of taking on Mayweather. “When we get to that road we'll definitely figure out which way we're going. But I want to be the best. The pound for pound best and who does everybody consider to be the pound for pound best fight now? (Floyd Mayweather) Well then that's where we need to go and get that done as well.”

Trout, who was something of an unknown among boxing fans prior to his victory over Miguel Cotto, is viewed as the underdog heading into this weekend. There are some understandable questions about the level of competition he has faced up to this point; however, it is worth noting, the same questions can be asked about the guys Alvarez has beaten up to this point, too. The fact of the matter is this: both men are studs, and both will be each other’s toughest tests to date.

Mayweather is listed at -800 over Guerrero. No matter how hard he tries to sell his upcoming bout, everyone knows he is the favorite by a mile. For obvious reasons he’s likely already looking past his upcoming tune-up and to this weekend’s showdown, as it will let him know who his next opponent will be. 


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