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Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Sparring Partner

In preparation for the big May 2 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather reportedly knocked out a sparring partner during training.

"Floyd doing his thing," photographer Chris Robinson told "He dropped one of the guys with a body shot."

One analyst believes this early aggressiveness could prove costly for Mayweather, who is known for his defensive ability.

"An aggressive mindset may lead to a more 'tit-for-tat' style of contest, where he'll get more on the receiving end," boxing columnist Marc Livitz told

On the other hand, Pacquiao is known for his attacking ability, and with Mayweather being extra aggressive, he may let his guard down and affect his great defense. The last time Mayweather knocked out an opponent was a controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz in 2011, but before that, he had only knocked out an opponent once since 2007. He knocked out Juan Manuel Marquez in 2009. Mayweather is undefeated in 47 fights and has won by knockout 26 times.

Pacquiao has 38 KOs in 57 career wins and his trainer Freddie Roach believes he has better assets to beat Mayweather.

“I don’t think he’s (Mayweather) passed it at all,” Roach said. “I think his legs are a little shot, a little worn, and I think Pacquiao has better legs at this moment at this time. I think maybe Pacquiao is a little faster and hits a little bit harder. Mayweather has a little fragile hands and is not the biggest puncher in the world. But I think we have more assets to win the fight I feel.”

Sources: CBS Sports, Bleacher Report

Photo Credit: Wikipedia 


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