Floyd Mayweather Jr. Won $333K Betting on Alabama to Win BCS Championship

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is something of a gambling expert, in case you haven’t heard. Over the years he’s mastered the fine art of publicly announcing his gambling wins via Twitter all the while never talking about losses – as all the greats do.

His streak continued strong on Monday when he let it be known that he had bet on the Alabama Crimson Tide to defeat the LSU Tigers for the BCS Championship. He made the announcement via Twitter yesterday:

“Just won $400k on Alabama, the new National Champs. Congrats to both teams!”

Technically speaking, he actually only won $333,333.35. But still – impressive.

You have to give Mayweather his props for two things. First and foremost, kudos to the undefeated superstar for betting on the right team and ultimately coming out on the winning end of the wager. And two, kudos to him for actually having the willpower to be one of the few to sit down and watch that horrible game – very few others did.

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