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Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Manny Pacquiao: He’s an “Unbelievable” Fighter

Has prison softened Floyd Mayweather Jr. up a bit?

Is the man who once blasted Manny Pacquiao in a racist tirade on an online video chat finally ready to give his arch rival a little credit?

Could we possibly be seeing the extension of an olive branch that, eventually, will turn into the greatest fight of boxing’s modern era?

Those are just a few of the questions being asked today after, in his first interview since being released from jail, Mayweather actually complimented the man against whom he has lobbed unspeakably harsh criticisms and accusations.

“I think Pacquiao’s an unbelievable fighter, and hopefully we can make the fight happen in the future,” said Mayweather at the premiere of his friend 50 Cent’s new movie (via Sports Illustrated).

That’s certainly a far cry from “take the test.”

Does this mean that the Dream Match we’ve been begging for over the last three years is imminent? Of course not. Things change. People change. Attitudes change.

That said, it’s hard not take a glass-half-full approach as it pertains to Mayweather’s latest quote – if for no other reason than simply because it’s so different than everything he has ever said on the topic.  

Pacquiao is currently in the process of figuring out who he will fight this November. At the moment, all signs point to Timothy Bradley, but that can obviously change.

He’s expected to make his announcement at some point over the next couple of weeks.

(Kudos SI)

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