Floyd Mayweather Jr. Has Words for Manny Pacquiao, Arum, Top Rank


In a somewhat interesting video released by Floyd Mayweather Jr., the outspoken and very controversial boxer has once again opted to speak on the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Bob Arum and Top Rank Promotions posted over on FightHype.

The highlight of his 15 or so minutes of rambling was probably Mayweather noting that he had “nothing against Manny Pacquiao,” but rather had bad feelings towards the Filipino superstar’s Top Rank partner in crime, Arum.

Among Mayweather’s problems with Arum, apparently, are his claims that Pacquiao is the greatest of all time. The undefeated champ went on to point out that Arum had made some very similar remarks regarding Floyd himself when the latter was being represented by Top Rank. He also called Arum a “middleman,” for whatever that’s worth.

His noted sleaziness of Arum and somewhat tepid comments towards Pacquiao notwithstanding, there are positives to be taken away from this latest effort at attention grabbing by Mayweather. By repeatedly name-dropping both Arum and Pacquiao, Mayweather is clearly attempting to remain associated with them – thus still building hype for a potential showdown.

If he was really trying to duck the Filipino champ, like so many seem to believe, Mayweather would be trying to stay out of the limelight, not seek it out.

There is still hope, folks.


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