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Video: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Yells at Guard Outside Vegas Home

Championship boxer "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather Jr. got into a ugly confrontation with a security guard outside his swanky Las Vegas pad – and this time, the incident was caught on tape. After driving up to the gate of his of his private community after the guard asked him for his ID, according to a video on

"What do you mean? You're going to let me in my motherf—cking house!" Mayweather demanded from the driver's seat, after the gaurd said he needed to make a quick call. "You know who I am!"

When the guard responded that he was just doing his job, Mayweather was unsympathetic..

After the terrified guard retreated into the guardhouse, Mayweather followed him and opened the gate himself.

"I pushed the button myself," he muttered to his entourage, before climbing back into his SUV – emblazoned with the logo of the fighter's aspiring fashion designer girlfriend, Miss Jackson – and roaring through the gate.



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