Floyd Mayweather Jr. Tried to Run Man off Road in Car?


In January, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is due in court on charges that he assaulted the mother of three of his kids.

Well, more than just assault. Actually, some very serious felony charges. Oh, and police are investigating whether to charge Mayweather with battery, because earlier this month, he is accused of poking a security guard at a mall because the guard had the nerve to give Mayweather a parking ticket.

Now, comes a report that on Monday, Mayweather tried to run off the road a man who used to work for Mayweather, and who was shot by another employee of Mayweather back in 2009.

The man, Quincey Williams, says he was driving down the road when Mayweather made a U-turn in his Bentley and tried to force Wlliams' car off the road. Williams managed to avoid contact, and Mayweather sped off.

Mayweather has been charged and/or convicted in many other assault and battery cases throughout the years. I wonder if he and Charlie Sheen are friends.


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