Floyd Mayweather isn’t the Only Guy Austin Trout Wants to Fight


Austin Trout and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez are scheduled to meet this weekend in a bout that may end up giving Mike Alvarado and Brandon Rios a serious run for Fight of the Year honors. The 27-year-old Trout and 22-year-old Alvarez are both really solid boxers, but they also enter the proceedings with some unanswered questions floating around about them. Given that, it seems almost blasphemous to look past this Saturday and onto what the future holds, but it’s also sort of difficult not to given the implications of their showdown.

If Trout wins, his next opponent will probably be Floyd Mayweather Jr. If Alvarez wins, his next opponent could be Mayweather, however, the two seem to have some bad blood between them right now. And if Mayweather’s history with Manny Pacquiao has taught us anything, it's that when he’s beefing with a guy who is also a very formidable potential opponent, things tend to not work out too well on the negotiating front.

Seeing as Alvarez is still extremely young, he has plenty of time either way. Trout, although only five years his counterpart’s senior, would actually benefit much more from a win this weekend and a subsequent shot at Mayweather.

“I want to be the best. The pound for pound best and who does everybody consider to be the pound for pound best fight now? (Floyd Mayweather) Well then that's where we need to go and get that done as well,” Trout told Boxing Scene recently.

That being said, Trout isn’t putting all of his eggs in one basket. If he wins and doesn’t get a shot at Mayweather, or if he loses to Alvarez, he knows that there are plenty of other potential opponents out there for him to choose from.

“You know there's still plenty of names in the 154 pound division. There's a lot of name, it’s a stacked division. And if not 154, we got the middleweights right there that have a bunch of names. [Sergio] Maravilla [Martinez], [Gennady] GGG [Golvokin], and even [Matthew] Macklin and [Martin] Murray and all these guys. I don't think there's a shortage of people to fight” said Trout.

No matter what happens this weekend, Trout and Alvarez are two of the most exciting guys in boxing today. Regardless of whether either one gets a shot at Mayweather later this year or not, everyone will be looking forward to seeing what they do next.


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