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Floyd Mayweather is Insecure and Petty, According to 50 Cent

With a friend like 50 Cent, does Floyd Mayweather Jr. really need enemies?

Over the past few months, rapper-turned-boxing aficionado 50 Cent has been going on various radio and TV programs to discuss his strange relationship with Mayweather.

You will recall, at one point last year, the pair appeared completely inseparable. Be it at fights, movie premieres or club openings – they were always together. Then, shortly after Mayweather emerged from his brief jail stint, their friendship seemed to cool. While both maintained that they were on good terms, they stopped appearing together as much as they used to.

Late last year, things got truly bizarre when 50 Cent randomly went on a Twitter rant disparaging Mayweather; after a good amount of taunting, Mayweather responded in kind. A few days later, 50 Cent brushed the beef talk off, saying that they had just been joking around. Whether that was true or not is unclear, but the fact this much is obvious: he has been taking a lot of little shots at his so-called friend for months now.

During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, 50 Cent once again made it a point to bash Mayweather.

"Floyd Mayweather is just a little insecure... so he doesn't even want to share the spotlight with his Dad. You see what I am saying? It's got to be about Floyd. That's all," he said.

Mayweather is extremely insecure, but that holds true for a lot of superstar athletes. Part of the reason why they’re so competitive and constantly aim to be the best is because their position at the top of the mountain means so much to them.

50 Cent has a real knack for pointing out Mayweather’s deficiencies, it’s a shame he doesn’t take an inward look at himself and do the same with his own flaws.



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