Floyd Mayweather Ignoring Manny Pacquiao’s Ridiculous Lawsuit


Many wondered how Floyd Mayweather Jr. would react to the mildly ridiculous defamation suit levied against him by Manny Pacquiao. As it turns out, he simply couldn’t care less.

By opting to not show up for the court-ordered deposition this past Friday, Mayweather threw Pacquiao and his lawyers for a loop. Afterwards, Pacquiao’s attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, made it a point to note that Mayweather was “just dodging his deposition because he is afraid to testify.” The lawyer also added that Mayweather “had no right to defy a court order.”

Now, Petrocelli and the rest of Pacquiao’s legal team will seek a default.

“The court has the power to hold him in contempt as well," Petrocelli said.

The ultimate consequences of Mayweather’s decision to not attend court remain to be seen. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, there is “a possibility” that Mayweather would be held in default by the court, but nothing is definite.

This whole situation, of course, stems from Mayweather’s continuous allegations that Pacquiao has been using performance enhancing drugs over the course of his career. Despite the fact that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has maintained that Pacquiao never tested positive for any PEDs, Mayweather and his camp insist that his would-be opponent in a dream fight scenario is dirty.

While purse splits and hurt feelings are big reasons for why a Pacquiao-Mayweather showdown has not been put together yet, the main obstacle for all involved has been the drug testing requirements.

Mayweather, in the mean time, is focused on his upcoming September 17 match-up versus Victor Ortiz, a fight that many believe he may be using as a tune-up to an eventual bout against Pacquiao.

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