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Floyd Mayweather: I Feel Bad for Manny Pacquiao

About a second after Juan Manuel Marquez hit Manny Pacquiao with that vicious knockout blow, the countdown began. Everyone knew that it wouldn’t be long before Pacquiao’s arch rival, Floyd Mayweather Jr., weighed in on what happened.

Surely enough, less than 48 hours after the fact, Mayweather offered some thoughts on Pacquiao’s stunning defeat.

“Marquez is a true champion, Manny Pacquiao is a true champion, both of them went out there and put on a good performance, and that’s a good thing for the sport of boxing,” he told FightHype (by way of LBS).

That’s where the compliments ended, though.

“I wish Pacquiao nothing but the best. I wish that he can bounce back and he can recoup from this. In the sport of boxing, you have to really dedicate yourself to your craft. You have to really, really dedicate yourself to your craft. I think he’s got so many different things on the outside that he worries about, you know. But it was a good thing that he was able to come into the sport, you know, piggyback off my name, and get a bunch of endorsement deals and make a good living. That’s a great thing.”

Piggyback off my name. Fantastic. A lot of people were expecting Mayweather to torpedo Pacquiao with a series of tweets or something like that – instead the undefeated champ went the subtle route. Praise laced with insults. Compassion dosed with antagonism.

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His jabs at Pacquiao aside, Mayweather did answer the one question on everyone’s mind right now: will the ever commit to a Dream Match?

“Pacquiao’s focus should be trying to take a vacation, get his mind right, and get a few tune-up fights so he can bounce back,” he told Fight Hype. “I’m not here to talk bad about Pacquiao. I feel bad for him, honestly. I really feel bad for him. There’s a difference in the ways you can get knocked out.

"See, when a guy gets knocked out and he can get up, they sit him on his stool, they rub his back, he go home and ice himself, you know, he go to the hospital and get checked out and he’s okay, that’s one thing. But when you gotta wake a guy up with smelling salt and he got a concussion and he gotta go to the hospital overnight, that’s crucial. I mean, that’s close to the death.”

Short answer: no. Mayweather has no plans to fight Pacquiao, and this loss gives him every justification in the world to hold firm on that stance.

(Kudos FightHype, Larry Brown Sports)

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