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Floyd Mayweather Didn’t Duck Manny Pacquiao, Despite What 50 Cent Says

Floyd Mayweather Jr. did not duck Manny Pacquiao. Boxers duck potential foes when they are afraid that facing them will result in defeat. If you do not buy the general premise that Mayweather feared losing to Pacquiao, you cannot argue that he ducked him.

During a recent interview with ESPN, rapper 50 Cent tried and failed to make the case that his supposed friend, Mayweather, passing up an opportunity to fight his Filipino rival was somehow the same thing as him opting to duck Pacquiao. It isn’t.

“Mayweather did duck the fight with Pacquiao, that’s $100 million and you just left it,” 50 Cent said. “I mean, for two reasons – I think he concentrates on how much someone else is getting paid as opposed to how much he’s getting paid and then I think he kind of sees himself in a space that no one else sees himself in, like he’s so high on top of it that he shouldn’t give some of other great fighters a chance to be in that position at this point.”

If Mayweather surveyed the scene and decided that helping a fighter that he doesn’t particularly like get the biggest pay day of his career wasn’t in his best interest, then he is petty and annoying. However, those two things do not indicate fear. And 50 Cent made that point clear in the same interview.

“He’s not afraid of [Pacquiao] or any fighter. I just think it’s more of him saying, ‘Who do I have to fight?’ At this point, it’s more so of him finding who is the perfect opponent then him finding the toughest fighter to fight. I think when you go in the history books, you are doing it a bit differently. This is more business and making the right financial decisions. How do you stretch out how many wins on your actual record?”

Exactly. So, essentially, 50 Cent is arguing that Mayweather didn’t duck Pacquiao even though he is saying the polar opposite.

It’s getting to be sort of sad how hard this guy tries to bash Mayweather. 

(Rap Basement)


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