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Floyd Mayweather Continues to Taunt Manny Pacquiao

In case you haven’t noticed, Floyd Mayweather isn’t taking Manny Pacquiao’s laissez-faire attitude regarding a potential superfight lightly.

On Tuesday the undefeated Mayweather sent tremors throughout the boxing world when he called his Filipino counterpart a punk and demanded a bout on May 5. By posting the same exact message on every single social media outlet within his grasp, Mayweather made it abundantly clear that fighting Pacquiao is priority No. 1 right now.

Pacquiao’s response was a little more timid.

Shortly after Mayweather’s social media rampage, Pacquiao and Arum quietly told the Los Angeles Times that while a May 5 match was “impossible," they would be willing to put something together for June 9. The problem with date, though, is that it doesn’t jive with Mayweather’s scheduled jail time that is set to begin June 1. Arum said that he’d be "willing to chip in for lawyers' fees" to push that June 1 date forward, but there’s hardly any guarantee that a judge would actually agree to something like that.

On Wednesday Mayweather went back to his social media outlets to post this message:

“I'm ready to put my belt up. What about you Manny Pacquiao? Let's make history.”

He also enclosed this picture in the tweet:

Apparently Arum’s desire to have him try to push his jail time back past June 9 isn’t an option that Mayweather wants to consider.

Will the undefeated champion’s taunts change anyone’s mind? How will the public seemingly turning against Pacquiao and Arum impact this whole mess?

We’ll find out soon enough.

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