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Floyd Mayweather Cares More About Manny Pacquiao’s Money than His Own, Says 50 Cent

The only person who knows more about Floyd Mayweather Jr. than Floyd Mayweather Jr. is 50 Cent, apparently. Even though the rapper-turned-entrepreneur-turned boxing promoter has a fascinating life story and plenty of worthwhile ventures to discuss, lately, it seems like every single time he opens his mouth, he is talking about his alleged 'brother'.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent caused something of a frenzy when he suggested that Mayweather ducked quality competition. That is a charge the undefeated champ has faced for years, and someone like 50 Cent echoing it essentially validates the critics' claims. A few days ago, the Queens-bred rapper appeared on ESPN and attempted to clarify his comments.

“He’s not afraid of Pacquiao or any fighter,” 50 Cent said (by way of Larry Brown Sports).

Rather: “It’s more of him saying who I have to fight. At this point, it’s more him sorting out who’s the perfect opponent than him fighting the toughest fighter to fight.”

So basically, Mayweather does what every other human being does. Before committing himself to any one thing, he tries to determine if that is actually the right thing to do. Hardly a scandalous accusation.

50 Cent, as is usually the case when he talks about Mayweather these days, offered very little in the way of real insight. It was mostly just backhanded compliments and low key slights. He did drop this one interesting nugget, though: “He concentrates on how much someone else is getting paid opposed to how much he is actually getting paid,” said 50. “He sees himself in a space that nobody else sees himself in, and that he’s so high on top of it that he shouldn’t actually give some of the other great fighters at this point.”

That goes some ways in explaining why, despite Pacquiao being willing to give him the larger share of the purse from a potential super fight, Mayweather continued to press for more money.

All in all, the biggest takeaway from 50 Cent’s appearance on ESPN was mostly just that he’s a terrible friend.

(Larry Brown Sports)


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