Floyd Mayweather Calls Manny Pacquiao a Punk, Demands Fight


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is tired of all the games and pointless politics. He's tired of people talking out of both sides of their mouths. He's tired of excuses on top of excuses on top of excuses.

He wants a fight against Manny Pacquiao, and he wants it right now.

Here is what the outspoken gambling aficionado posted on his Twitter account not too long ago:

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He also posted the same thing on his Facebook account – clearly making sure all his social media bases were covered.

In recent days a certain shadow of doubt has been cast over precisely how much Pacquiao actually wants to fight his undefeated arch rival. In theory, the Filipino champion is saying all the right things. After all, just yesterday he made it abudently clear that Mayweather was his No. 1 target and that he wanted to face him next – not Juan Manuel Marquez, Timothy Bradley, and the rest of Bob Arum’s forgettable preferred candidates.

At the same time, even though Manny’s mouth is saying yes, his actions are saying no.

In that same interview with PhilBoxing yesterday, Pacquiao hedged his next move by saying this:

“Whoever the fans want me to fight, I will face him atop the ring. I don’t choose fight. It is my promoter who does because it’s his job. My job is to fight, everybody must realize that.”

That sounds an awful lot like someone who wants to have his cake and eat it too. Pacquiao wants everyone to know that he wants Mayweather, but he also wants everyone to know that it’s not up to him.

Come on, man. Sure Arum is a money-grubbing leech who guides his clients’ careers, nobody is denying that. But let’s also remember who works whom here. Pacquiao should be telling Arum what to do, not vice versa.

Presumably tired of all the double talk and games, Mayweather has decided to take matters into his own hands. He wants Pacquiao before he has to do his jail time and, in a final act of desperation, he is now appealing to Pacquiao’s manhood. By calling him a punk, the undefeated champ is clearly hoping that anger will replace any shred of doubt that currently resides in Pacquiao’s mind about making this match happen.

Will Mayweather’s latest tactic work? It’s tough to say. But really, can anyone blame him for being irritated at this point?

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