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Floyd Mayweather is Begging to Get Out of Jail After Serving All of 2 Weeks

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is currently in jail on a domestic battery count.

Why is he in jail on a domestic battery count?

Well, it’s kind of a funny story. You see, he roughed up the mother of his children while his kids watched. Oh right, it’s not a funny sorry. It’s a despicable story in which a guy who is trained to inflict damage with his fists beat up a woman.

That’s why he was sent to jail for slightly less than three months – because it’s a despicable story.

After less than two weeks in the joint, Mayweather has apparently learned his lesson. He wants to be released, and he’s asking that the court allow him to serve out the rest of his term under house arrest. Yes, presumably in that Las Vegas mansion of his that’s probably bigger than the entire detention facility he currently resides in.

As noted by the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

An emergency motion obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows Mayweather's lawyers will ask Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Melissa Saragosa as early as today that the former Olympic bronze medal winner be allowed to serve the remainder of his sentence on house arrest.

The 35-year-old's physical conditioning is deteriorating under the stress of being jailed at the Clark County Detention Center, and he is being held in "inhumane conditions," lawyer Richard Wright said in the motion filed Monday.

Mayweather’s lawyers are essentially asking that the court grant their client grant leniency for two reasons. One, they say that because he’s used to a daily diet in which he consumes 3,000-4,000 calories, his current intake of less than 800 calories is detrimental to his health. (Note: 800 calories does seem awfully low for a grown man.) Beyond the diet thing, they say that he also isn’t able to work out in his current confides – which in turn is shedding valuable years off his career.

For anyone that’s wondering, Mayweather is being kept in isolation from other prisoners. That means he’s in absolutely no danger from guys who are in jail for committing violent acts that don't include beating up females, but that he's also basically all by himself for 24 hours a day.

So, yeah – tough times. It’s almost as if they designed jail to not be fun or something.

Stuff like this makes beating up women while their children watch almost not worth it.

(Kudos Las Vegas Review-Journal via The Big Lead)

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