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Floyd Mayweather Bashes Manny Pacquiao Again

Over the past few years, Floyd Mayweather Sr. has bashed Manny Pacquiao every single time someone provided him the opportunity to do so. This made sense, in a way, given the beef that existed between the Filipino champ and his son. Now that Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have sort of buried the hatch, though, you would naturally assume that Mayweather Sr. would lay off the trash talk, too.

You would assume wrong.

During a recent interview with the good folks at FightHype, Mayweather Sr. offered this assessment on whether a dream match between his son and his son's arch rival would be a mismatch or not.

“I won’t ever change my mind on that. That’s a mismatch,” he said.

“Anybody that watched my son fight against Marquez and Pacquiao’s three fights with Marquez, if they know anything about boxing, they know that’s a mismatch.”

But he didn’t stop there. Mayweather Sr. also decided to invoke a comparison to illustrate his point. He reminded people of how easily Mayweather Jr. beat Juan Manuel Marquez, and how much trouble Pacquiao had accomplishing the same feat.

"It took Floyd one Saturday to embarrass Marquez; Pacquiao going on his fourth Saturday with him,” he said.

“He didn’t beat my son not one second of any round, but he’s about to go in his 48th round with Pacquiao, and honestly, the only thing that’s a shame about these two fighting for the fourth time is Marquez ain’t got the nod not one damn time. Marquez I know won at least one of them damn fights and a lot of people think he won all of em,"

Of course, in that analysis, Mayweather Sr. failed to note that his son didn’t take down Ricky Hatton as quickly as Pacquiao did. (Or that Manny beat him so badly that he was driven to near suicide.) And the fact that Shane Mosley gave his son more trouble than he gave Pacquiao. (From whom he simply ran away for an entire match.) And that Pacquiao dispatched Miguel Cotto with ease while Mayweather struggled heavily against him this past May. And so on and so forth.

The point of those examples isn’t that Pacquiao is better than Mayweather, it’s that styles make fights. Pacquiao struggles against Marquez because of the challenges that the latter fighter poses stylistically – nothing more, nothing less.

(Kudos FightHype)

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