Floyd Mayweather and Richard Schaefer Really Hate 50 Cent


The ongoing war between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent has been amazing to watch. Whereas neither one wants to acknowledge that they are actually feuding, it couldn’t possibly be more obvious that this is the case.

50 Cent uses every single media appearance he makes as an opportunity to bash Mayweather. And he does it in a really slimy way. Rather than manning up and saying, ‘I don’t like this dude,’ he pretends that they are on good terms and then takes little jabs at Mayweather’s attitude, personality, etc. One day he’s petty, the next he cares more about other people’s money than his own.

Meanwhile, Mayweather’s response to 50 Cent’s constant barrage of shots has been silence. He has been so quiet, in fact, that one might believe he doesn’t actually have any problems with his former BFF. Make no mistake about it, though, there’s a reason why these two aren’t joint at the hip anymore.

That being said, Mayweather isn’t the only person in boxing who doesn't like 50 Cent these days. During a recent interview with MadBoxing, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer blasted the Queens-bred rapper for starting rumors about Adrien Broner’s future with the promotion.

“Adrien is part of a long-term deal with us and he has a long-term deal with Al Haymon as well. So I don't know who's spreading those rumors but whoever is doing that is probably 50 Cent. He better be careful because he's a guy who really doesn't know what he's doing,” Schaefer said.

“He might be a talented music guy but as a businessman, you have to look at his record. I mean, the Vitamin Water, that was like sheer luck. It was not because of his brains he got involved and you look at his record label, how many guys does he still have signed? When did he do his last concert? C'mon, now this guy wants to get into boxing?

“And now he's trying to go after our fighters? Good luck.”

50 Cent is world renowned for his ability to get under people’s skin and soak up attention for that, but at a certain point it becomes all you’re known for. He’s very, very close to that point right now. It would be great if this dude would take his boxing future seriously and stop instigating random problems with Mayweather and Golden Boy. However, based on everything we’ve seen from him thus far, it’s probably safe to say that avoiding drama isn’t in 50’s plans.



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