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Florida Marlins Make a Huge Offer to Jose Reyes

We mentioned last week that Jose Reyes had visited with the Florida Marlins and that it was rumored that they offered him a huge, three-year contract. The deal was actually even huger than that! Blaow!

A source tells that the Marlins offered Reyes a six-year, $90 million contract. And supposedly, he’s very interested in playing for Ozzie Guillen and in the warm Miami climate.

Let’s pause one second here. The article says that Reyes would no longer have to play his home games in the cold or inclement weather. Really? It’s a summer game! Are we talking about maybe one cool month? Please.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking….’the Marlins already have a great shortstop in Hanley Ramirez!’ Yes, but they are tinkering with the notion of moving him to centerfield. And you know what? He’s supposedly not happy about that.

“Source: H. Ramirez is not at all pleased at prospect of changing positions if #Marlins sign Reyes; the two aren’t the friends many portray,” tweets Clark Spencer from the Miami Herald.

People think that Ramirez and Reyes are friends because Ramirez is the godfather (Godfather’s pizza?) to Reyes’ daughter. Why wouldn’t they be friends then? Isn’t that kind of an important position? If I die, you’ll raise my offspring? No? Guess not.

The bigger problem with adding Reyes is that Ramirez has proven to be a royal handful (putting it lightly) if he’s not happy. And it’s pretty clear that he wouldn’t be. He could get pissy and demand a trade or start kicking the ball all over the outfield and then walk to go get it as the other team’s whole lineup rounds the bases.

He’ll be tough to trade though. He has three years and $46.5 million remaining on his contract and he’s coming off of a bad year. Good luck with that.


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