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Florida Lineman Charged: Jessamen Dunker Busted with Stolen Scooter

Fifteen Florida players have been arrested or cited since Will Muchamp took over as the program’s head football coach in 2011. You would think that by now we would be used to various Gators getting locked up like it’s nothing. And truthfully, we sort of are. But nothing could have prepared us for the crime that landed Jessamen Dunker in cuffs this past Wednesday.

According to ESPN, the Florida offensive lineman was apprehended yesterday morning for allegedly stealing a motor scooter. Yes, you read that correctly – a motor scooter.  

Dunker was stopped by police shortly before 10 a.m. for getting too close to a University of Florida maintenance vehicle. During what is being described a routine stop, the officer present noticed that the scooter didn’t have a license plate. Shortly thereafter it was determined that said scooter was stolen.

"He was observed by one of our police officers riding on a scooter that did not have a tag attached to the scooter," major Brad Barber told 247Sports (via USA Today). "Traffic stop was initiated, and during that stop it was determined that he was driving on a license that had been suspended. He was aware of that. The scooter, in fact, was stolen."

Dunker was booked in Alachua County Jail on third-degree grand theft of a motor vehicle and driving with a suspended license charges.

When ESPN reached out to see if Muschamp had any comment on this embarrassing incident, spokesperson Steve McClain insisted that the coach was busy with something more pressing.

"He is on the road recruiting and will address it when he returns," McClain said.

Dunker redshirted in 2012 but was supposedly in the running to be Florida’s starting left guard next year.

By all accounts, he does not have a fake dead girlfriend.

(Kudos ESPN, USA Today)

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