Florida High School Withholds Kid’s Diploma After He Tebows at Graduation

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Chris Shriner, 17, needed to do something to make his high school graduation interesting. You know, because things that only happen once in your life -- like graduating from high school -- need gimmicks in order to be memorable. And so, when he was called up to receive his diploma, Shriner opted to bow to one knee and “Tebow” before picking up a piece of paper that he essentially worked 13 years to earn.

Shockingly, the school didn’t take too kindly to a student doing something stupid with a bunch of parents and kids watching. In response to Shriner’s decision hold up the proceedings with his dedication to Tebow, the powers that be at the school decided to hold up his diploma. His mother, apparently a teacher at the school, agreed with the decision.

As per Yahoo! Sports:

Chuck Shriner was disciplined for the move, not because it was slightly less timely than doing the Running Man, but because his mother, a teacher at the school, felt it would set a precedent for underclassmen. According to Chuck, she disciplined him by keeping his diploma and making him clean the gym.

"She was really mad," he told Naples Daily News. "But I think it was worth it."

To be fair, Shriner didn’t simply do what he did for the thrill. He may have gotten his diploma temporarily withheld, but he also got something big out of it. You see, a friend bet him $5 to Tebow in front of the school’s principal.


(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports)

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