Ravens' Joe Flacco Not Happy About Addition of Marc Bulger?

The Baltimore Ravens really strengthened their QB situation when they added former St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger. Troy Smith and John Beck have really never shown anything, and we’d have to think that throwing Bulger into the mix makes for a better situation should starter Joe Flacco go down.

But not everyone is excited about the team bringing in Bulger. And when we say “someone,” we mean Joe Flacco.

“Hopefully, we just all get along well,” Flacco said. “When you have a little bit of tension in the room, it doesn’t lend to playing well. Yeah, he might bring a thing here or there that helps me out. We’ll see. It’s all about going out there, preparing during the week and having a good time doing that. Hopefully, we can do that.”

While he made it clear that he doesn’t want to be negative towards Bulger, his comments made him have a hint of negativity towards Bulger.

“I don’t want to have any bad words about Marc,” Flacco said. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy. But I had a great relationship with Troy and John. Depending on what happens, one of them might not be around and two of them might not be around. We’ll see what happens.”

Maybe he just liked the idea of having two backups that had no chance whatsoever to ever take his job, even though he’s 100% safe as it is.

“Either way, it’ll be disappointing to see one of them go,” Flacco said. “I’m sure Marc is a great guy, and he’ll be fun to work with. I enjoy our [quarterback] room with Troy and John. It’s definitely going to be broken up a little bit. So, we’ll see how it goes.”

Maybe Smith and Beck got Flacco coffee every morning and managed his Netflix account and he’s afraid that Bulger won’t be such a pushover for menial tasks.


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