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Titans Jeff Fisher: Chris Johnson Falling Behind

Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson hasn’t exactly been busting his rear end around the team’s facility. In fact, he hasn’t really been anywhere near it as he protests and begs for a new contract (which he probably deserves).

But because of all that, head coach Jeff Fisher says that Johnson is falling behind.

“Not only has he missed the conditioning, but from an offensive standpoint he hasn’t had a day with his new running backs coach,” Fisher said. “So he’s missed a lot. . . . He’ll have some catching up to do. And it’s certainly better for everyone involved if he is familiar with whatever changes and special types of things we’re doing for him offensively.”

This is true, he hasn’t worked out with new RB’s coach Kennedy Pola, but we aren’t buying that he’s really missing out on much. Does anyone think that Chris Johnson will be just fine when it’s time to get going? We do.

Although, if his conditioning is off (and we don’t know that it is) he could be susceptible to an injury. So, that’s something to keep in mind.

Meanwhile, look who continues to shoot up the depth chart! Javon Ringer! No more Lendale White! Chris Johnson is nowhere to be found! You’re running with the ones! Hooray!


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