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2011 NBA Playoffs 1st Round: Breaking Down the East

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After looking at the seasonal accuracy with the teams that are playing in Round 1, totals for the first round of the Eastern Conference games present some real advantages to the player, and some giant red flags. There are four situations where our clients get a tremendous edge, three that you should avoid and one that is a coin flip.

Situations where you have a clear advantage:

#1 Miami Heat (home) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 63% Totals

#2 New York Knicks (home) vs. Boston Celtics (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 60% Totals

#3 Atlanta Hawks (home) vs. Orlando Magic (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 59% Totals%

#4 Orlando Magic (home) vs. Atlanta Hawks (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 56%

Situations that you should avoid:

#1 Indiana Pacers (home) vs. Chicago Bulls (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 45% Totals

#2 Philadelphia 76ers (home) vs. Miami Heat (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 45% Totals

#3 Boston Celtics (home) vs. New York Knicks (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 47% Totals

Coin Flip Situation:

#1 Chicago Bulls (home) vs. Indiana Pacers (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 50%

The above data gives you a snap shot of where you have the advantage during the first round. For example, whoever AccuScore selects O/U when the Heat host the 76ers has 63% accuracy this year, thus creating an advantage for you. We would highly recommend our pick in that game. On the flip side, we would suggest taking a pass early on when the Pacers are at home vs. the Bulls, as well as when Miami travels to Philadelphia.

We will be doing the same analysis for the Western Conference, which showcases much stronger pairings based on the teams that qualified and their record’s with the AccuScore computer this season.


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