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2011 NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference 1st Round Preview

Last year, AccuScore went on an amazing 36-3 run in point spreads and totals during the opening two rounds of the NBA Playoffs. As we get ready for the 2011 NBA Playoffs, we want to make sure you are able to see where you have the statistical advantage. While the Western Conference needs another couple of days to solidify their match-ups, we do know the first round match-ups in the East.

This article is designed to ranks the best betting situations against the spread during the first round for the Eastern Conference:

#1 Miami Heat (home) vs. Philadelphia 76ers (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 57% ATS

#2 Orlando Magic (home) vs. Atlanta Hawks (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 56% ATS

#3 New York Knicks (home) vs. Boston Celtics (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 55% ATS

#4 Boston Celtics (home) vs. New York (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 53% ATS

#5 Indiana Pacers (home) vs. Chicago Bulls (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 52% ATS

#6 Chicago Bulls (home) vs. Indiana Pacers (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 50% ATS

#7 Atlanta Hawks (home) vs. Orlando Magic (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 45% ATS

#8 Philadelphia 76ers (home) vs. Miami Heat (road)
Situational accuracy this season: 42% ATS

The above data gives you a snap shot of where you have the advantage during the first round. For example, whoever AccuScore selects ATS when the Heat host the 76ers has 57% accuracy this year, thus creating an advantage for you. We would highly recommend our pick in that game. On the flip side, we would suggest taking a pass early on when the 76ers are at home vs. the Heat, as well as when Orlando travels to Atlanta.

We will be doing the same analysis for the Western Conference, which showcases much stronger pairings based on the teams that qualified and their record’s with the AccuScore computer this season.


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