NBA Analysis: Diagnosing the Problem with Knicks


Most of us have seen enough to know that the Knicks’ roster is broken. Obviously the Knicks need a center. They don’t have even have one right now. That should be priority one because as bad as Mike D’Antoni’s reputation is on the defensive end, even Jeff Van Gundy would be challenged to keep teams from getting easy buckets in the paint against this roster.

Many folks, after having come to the conclusion that Chauncey Billups is washed up, also think the Knicks need a new point guard. I’m not there yet. I don’t think Chauncey was washed up on Denver this year and I don’t think he became washed up since the trade. I think he got hurt and I don’t think he’s all the way back.

But either way, the Knicks have significant holes to fill and they won’t be able to sign any free agents this offseason. Here are some other options:

1. Buy as many draft picks as possible in the upcoming drafts. There are always a few draft picks for sale, often in the first round, always in the second round. The Knicks need to buy as many as possible and they can’t afford to strike out. They need to hit several other Landry-esque home runs.

2. Find Timo 2. The Knicks need to find another diamond in the rough and develop him. It’s not as if there are infinite Mozgov’s out there that fly under every other team’s radar, but that doesn’t mean that the Knicks shouldn’t try to unearth one.

3. Make a trade. The Knicks can try to trade Chauncey Billups at the draft to a team looking to clear away cap space. Would you trade Chauncey and Landry for Steve Nash and Robin Lopez? Bargnani and Calderon? Andre Miller and Camby?

4. Vet minimum guys. There’s always a few decent options. Mike Bibby, signed with the Heat for basically free.

In sum, the Knicks’ options are pretty limited now but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options.


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