Female Coach Fired For Playing In High School Girls' Soccer Matches


Assistant girls soccer coach Juany Gonzalez was fired after she played for the DeSoto County High School girls' varsity and junior-varsity soccer teams on Jan. 10 in DeSoto County, Fla.

DeSoto County was playing against Lemon Bay High, but only won the varsity match 2-1 with Gonzalez's help, reports Yahoo!

Apparently no one said anything during the games, but eventually some DeSoto County soccer players told Tracy Hay, the boys' varsity soccer coach, on Jan. 14.

As a result, DeSoto County girls' head coach Narce Hinojos was fired along with Gonzalez on Jan 16.

The Florida High School Athletic Association fined the school $1,000 and put DeSoto County on one year of administrative probation. DeSoto County had to forfeit the 2-1 victory over Lemon Bay High.

Gonzales graduated from DeSoto County in 2009 so she fit in with the female players on the field.

“I can’t believe it happened,” DeSoto County School District superintendent Dr. Karyn Gary told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

“The students stepped up,” added Gary.

However, Gary was asked why the students didn't "step up" and immediately report the incident, instead of waiting four days later.

“The kids were a little afraid to tell on adults doing the wrong thing,” stated Gary. “To the best of my knowledge, it only occurred in the game against Lemon Bay.”

The DeSoto girls soccer team went 9-15 for the season.

Sources: Yahoo! and Sarasota Herald-Tribune


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