MMA Analysis: Dan Henderson vs. Fedor Emelianenko


There was a sense of poetry in the way that the myth of invincibility which cloaked Fedor Emelianenko was hammered to an abrupt end by the massive hands of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva this past February. 

Of course, there are those who point to Fedor’s preceding loss against Fabricio Werdum as evidence that the “Last Emperor” had abdicated his MMA throne.  Personally, the loss to Silva was a more telling defeat.  The beauty of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu employed by Werdum ensures that even the minute brain lapse could result in a limb be torqued or a choke being employed that could end your night prematurely.  The loss to Silva was fare worse as it marked the first time we saw Emelianenko thoroughly dominated and beaten to an unrecognizable pulp.

Despite giving off the vibe of a man who no longer wished to be employed in the fight business following his loss to Silva, it appears Fedor is on his way back to the cage. 

Noted author, blogger, and MMA muckraker Jonathan Snowden tweeted that an anticipated heavyweight bout between Fedor and MMA legend Dan Henderson has been agreed upon for July 30 and will be aired on Showtime.  It is being reported that the fight will take place in Hoffman Estates, IL, a suburb of Chicago. 

While this is huge news if it is in fact true, MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta reports that the fight is not signed, sealed, and delivered, but that it is extremely close.  Given the history of difficult negotiations between Strikeforce and Fedor’s management team at M-1 Global, fight fans have learned to never expect a Fedor deal to be finalized until the fighter is on his way to the cage.  Still, the buzz within the industry seems to indicate that this fight is imminent. 

It is a fight that makes sense for both fighters.  Fedor is looking to erase fight fans’ memory of his beat down at the hands of Silva.  Fedor has always been and undersized heavyweight and the comparison between his physical frame and today’s hulking heavyweights ensure that the “Last Emperor” will always be at a size disadvantage when in the cage.  Against Henderson, a career middleweight, Fedor will be the bigger man.  Still, “Hendo” is a legend for a reason and his dominance in the sport back in the days of open weight classes ensures that there will be no intimidation from the California bad-ass. 

A Fedor-Henderson fight makes sense and ensures a night of fistic fireworks.  You just have to hope that Fedor’s notoriously difficult management team allow the fight to be consummated. 


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