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Fedor Emelianenko Upset by Fabricio Werdum at Strikeforce Event

It was the biggest upset in mixed martial arts history, and it barely took more than a minute.

Fighting in the main event of a San Jose Strikeforce show, Fedor Emelianenko tapped out to Fabricio Werdum’s triangle choke-armbar combination in 69 seconds. Fans around the world were stunned at the display, shocked that the No.1 heavyweight fighter in the world could lose in such embarrassing fashion.

The winner of the match was supposed to get a shot at the Strikeforce champion, Allistair Overeem. However, Werdum told reporters that he wanted a rematch with Emelianenko instead.

Early in the match, Emelianenko took Werdum down with a hard right hand. That would be the highlight of the match for him, though, as Werdum quickly threw up his legs for the triangle choke.

Emelianenko caught Werdum early with a right hand, but Werdum quickly threw up his legs for the triangle choke.

"I was concentrating on strikes and that's why I made the mistake," Emelianenko said.

Prior to the match, Emelianenko had never submitted in an MMA bout. The loss ends a winning streak that has been going since 2000 for the soon-to-be former No. 1 fighter.


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