FCC Tweets MLB Scores Due to Cablevision and Fox Standoff

Because Fox Television and Cablevision couldn't reach a contractual agreement about broadcasting rights on Oct. 15, many fans were left without a way to watch Game 3 of the NLCS Wednesday night.

Enter: Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Rather than doing something that would, you know, get the channels back to Cablevision subscribers, the FCC took the new-age approach of “tweeting” the scores from the Philadelphia Phillies-San Francisco Giants game. Because you know, people who could read the FCC’s tweets wouldn't be able to access live-blogs or sports scores via the other ­one trillion options available on the internet.

That being said, over 350,000 people follow the FCC’s Twitter account (why?) so maybe the government agency knows what its doing over there.

Check out the governing body of all things media and communications doing their best e-Vin Scully impressions in the tweet below.


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