Dad Quits Job to Watch Son, South Carolina in College World Series


Parents make sacrifices for their children’s happiness all the time. That’s not news. Parents quitting their job to see their children play in a particular collegiate sports event, not as common.

In a recent Yahoo Sports report, they told the story of David Roth - a man who ditched his employers for a chance to see his son pitching during South Carolina's run at the College World Series.

According to the story, Roth found himself in a precarious situation when his son’s Gamecocks club returned to the championship round after he made a pledge to not miss such an event the prior year, should it occur again. South Carolina, of course, won the national championship in 2010, an event that Roth had to miss.

Unable to get time off work to fulfill his promise to his son, David opted to do the next best thing: quit.

Via Twitter, David’s son, Michael, made this announcement:

How's this for dedication? My dad had to quit his job to make it out to Omaha. Couldn't get here last year. #novacationdays

By Sunday, David was in the stands, rooting for his son as Michael pitched 7 1/3 innings in a 5-4 win versus Texas A&M.

This story is as heartwarming as it is puzzling.

In a nation where people are struggling to find work and just about everyone understands how delicate the employment situation is, quitting a job to watch your kid play is a questionable decision, obviously.

At the same time, in a society that never stops pounding home the idea that fathers care more about being breadwinners for their families than actually being there for their families, it’s nice to see a story about one that goes against that grain.

Besides, if David Roth is comfortable making a decision like this, who are we -- strangers unaware of the family’s financial situation -- to judge?


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