Father Leaves Boy, 6, in Car, Watches UFC Match in Bar


Last year’s winner of the “Father of the Year” award has no chance at a repeat. The competition this year is simply too tough.

Yesterday, a Lee County man was arrested for leaving his 6-year-old son alone inside an unlocked vehicle so that he could go watch an Ultimate Fighting Championship special at a sports bar. The father in question, 26-year-old Donald Christian Rombough, ended up being charged with Child Neglect, Marijuana Possession and Drug Equipment Possession.

According to reports filled out by sheriffs on scene, two witnesses spotted the boy crying hysterically inside his father’s Chevrolet Silverado parked by “Stevie Tomato’s Sports Bar.” When the witnesses helped the boy out of the car and asked him what happened, the boy said that his father left him inside the car to go to a nearby Hooters. While looking through the truck to find contact information for the boy’s parents, one of the witnesses spotted a marijuana pipe.

Emergency medical services arrived on scene shortly thereafter and determined that the boy was not hurt.

A few minutes later, Rombough emerged from the bar and was immediately met by angry witnesses. He reportedly told them that he had only left the boy alone for 20 minutes so that he could go inside the bar and get the food he had ordered. Later, when speaking with deputies, he said that he had wanted to leave the boy with his grandmother, but that those plans fell apart. Unable to get a babysitter, he decided to bring his son along. Further, he explained that the only reason he left the boy in the car was because he was asleep and he did not want to wake him.

Police on scene said that it was 83 degrees when the incident took place. Rombough reportedly left the car windows open.

The boy had a slightly different version of what happened. He told police that his father had left him in the truck for an hour and a half because he didn’t want to go inside the bar.

While police were searching the car, they find both a marijuana pipe and a bag of marijuana.

Rombough was arrested and taken to country jail.

Nice work, Dad.


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