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Fat Albert Haynesworth Was Literally Useless

Albert Haynesworth was cut by NE yesterday. According to PFT, it will save NE a boatload of cash. I can't blame them. Here are Haynesworth's numbers in 2011 through his 4 game appearances, including his league rank among the 111 qualifying DTs:

  • 0.12 +WPA (78th)
  • 1.4 +EPA (106th)
  • 3 Success Plays(101st)
  • 2 Tackles
  • 1 Assist
  • 0.19 TF (111th-last)
  • 2 QB Hits
  • 0 sacks, passes defended, interceptions, forced fumbles, or tackles for losses

He hasn't played a majority of snaps, but almost all if not all DTs platoon to some degree.  Admittedly, his job as a 3-4 DT is to eat space and not necessarily to make plays, but there are many 3-4 DTs (and some DTs classified as 3-4 DEs) who are making much bigger impacts. And from what I understand, he was often used in a role and in alignments that let him penetrate to make plays. This is really lackluster for the guy who made such an impact in TEN.


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