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NBA Fantasy Winners and Losers in Magic, Suns, Wizards Trade

Fantasy Winners/Losers From the Weekend’s Blockbuster Trade


Rashard Lewis (WAS)

Lewis is one of the biggest winners of the trade as he goes from one of the third or fourth options to quite possibly the go-to-scorer for the Wizards. He should be expected once again to put up decent scoring numbers, around 18 or so a game, and to knock down some three point shots. You should also expect Lewis other core numbers, like rebounds, steals, and assists to increase as he will have less talent around him.

Hedo Turkoglu (ORL)

Similarly to Lewis, Turkoglu should benefit from a change in environment. Since leaving Orlando two seasons ago, he has been only a shell of the player he was. In both Toronto and Phoenix he was relied on to be the primary scoring option when at his best he is a 4th or 5th option. Back in Orlando, Stan Van Gundy should utilize Turkoglu back to his full potential. He should become a fringe fantasy player that has the potential of being a useful fantasy player.

Marcin Gorat (PHO)

Gorat has been a solid center stuck behind Dwight Howard. With the Suns having a lack of interior depth, he should benefit from a lot more playing time. With his playing time increased, it should allow him to put up respectable rebounds and block totals. Gorat has always shown potential of becoming a valuable fantasy center, it’s finally time to see if he will deliver on that potential.


Gilbert Arenas/ Jason Richardson (ORL)

Both will go from being a starter to a more limited role. In their previous roles, these shooters garnered a lot of shots and were on most possessions the primary scorer. Now in Orlando they will take a more secondary role as the offense will primary roll through Dwight Howard and then to both of them. Richardson should still maintain some his value as he will still start, but his point/three point production will fall by not being in the Suns’ run and gun offense. Arenas’ numbers will take a even bigger hit as he will become a sixth man for Orlando. Both should still be valuable players, but it may be wise to sell them now as their stocks can’t get much higher.

Steve Nash/ Vince Carter (PHO)

With the Suns throwing in the towel for this season and citing the deal as a start of a youth movement, no two players should be hurt more then Vince Carter and Steve Nash. With both players not being anywhere close to young, you would have to think that their numbers should start to be limited as the Suns figure out which young players will help them in the future. Either way, their value is lower than it was a week ago.

Waiver Wire

PG Ty Lawson (DEN) - 10.7 PTS/ 2.3 REB/ 4.3 AST/ 1 3PM

Lawson has stepped up big this season in Chauncey Billups’ absence. He has managed to step in seamlessly, producing similar points and assist totals, while putting up respectable rebound totals for a point guard. With Carmelo Anthony headed out the door and Lawson’s great play, it would not be surprising to see Denver put Chauncey Billups on the block and give the former North Carolina speedster the starting job. Lawson could develop into a solid point guard option from here on out.

SG Mike Miller (MIA)

Miller should be a great boost to the Miami Heat, who are looking for some three pointing shooting. He should benefit from a lot of wide-open shots with defenses focusing in on the Big three. He should produce solid point and three point totals, while also being able to put up solid rebounds and assists. Last season Miller put up 10.9 pts, 6.2 reb, 3.9 reb, and 1.5 3pm. You should expect him to put up similar numbers with a slight drop in rebounds and assists.

SF Martel Webster (MIN) – 14.8 PTS/ 4.5 REB/ 2.0 AST/ 1 STL/ 1.5 3PM

Martel Webster is another solid player on a bad team that can put up some solid fantasy numbers for you. He has benefited from having large amounts of athleticism that allow him to fill up the stat sheet. The key for Webster has always been staying on the court, so picking him up may only help your fantasy team for a short amount of time. But with no player in front of him in Minnesota, he should be able to put up great numbers whenever he is on the court.

PF Taj Gibson (CHI) - 9.3 PTS/ 6.2 REB/ 1.4 BLK/ 1.1 AST

With Joakim Noah going down for two months, Gibson instantly rises up the fantasy depth charts as a solid fantasy player. In his limited role has put up solid rebounds and block totals. This should continue with his point totals further rising, giving him the build of a great power forward option.

C Marcin Gorat (PHO)

As noted above Gorat is one of the big winners in the Orlando, Phoenix, and Washington blockbuster deal. And he’s only owned in 2.4% of leagues. Gorat minutes will almost double and allow him to become a great center option. With only Robin Lopez as his main competition for minutes you can expect Gorat to shoot up the fantasy rankings. Beat the rush, grab him now.


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