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Fantasy NBA Pickups of the Week

Sorry about the long time in between posts, it took me a little longer to adjust out in California then expected. Hopefully your fantasy basketball teams have not wilted lately without my guidance.  So lets jump right into it.

Buying Low: OJ Mayo MEM 12.2 PTS 2.6 REB 1.9 AST 1.0 STL 1.4 3PM

One of my rules of thumb is to never be afraid of a player that is suspended for a long period of time. Often you can virtually get players on suspensions for pennies on the dollar. This should be especially the case with OJ Mayo. Mayo’s 2011 season before the suspension, could have already been described as disappointing. OJ’s production across the board has dropped, losing nearly 5 points, 1 rebound, and 2 assists off his 2010 season. He also went from making about 1.8 three pointers a game down to about 1.4. One reason why you should be optimistic that OJ Mayo will turn this around is the fact that by the end of his suspension Mayo should be headed to another NBA team. This should allow for a shift in attitude and a return to his old production. This should provide a major boost come playoff push time. Don’t be afraid to take a grab at him, in most cases his owner will be happy to see any possible return he can get for him. Thus getting you a quality fantasy player for virtually nothing.

Sell High: Carlos Boozer CHI 19.9 PTS 10.2 REB 2.3 AST

Boozer’s production is at his highest in years. He has been able to give fantasy owners both solid points and rebounds totals when he has been on the floor. The key part of that last sentence is when he is on the floor. Boozer’s lack of ability to stay healthy is troubling as he has already missed a total of 18 ballgames. Add in the fact that Joakim Noah should be re-joining the team in about a month, and that alone should dent Boozer’s ability of putting up double-doubles every night. Expect Carlos to regress to a 16 point and 7 rebound kind of player in the future. The time to sell him off before that is now, someone in your league could give you a king’s ransom for Boozer. Sell him now, before he picks up anymore knocks and gets taken out for an extended period of time.

Waiver Wire

PG Ramon Sessions CLE 11.1 PTS 4.6 AST 2.8 REB 24.0 MIN

Sessions has become a somewhat shining light in an otherwise abysmal season in Cleavland. Ramon has managed to get the Cavs’ offense going, while the man in front of him, Mo Williams, is sidelined with a hip injury. Sessions should continue to be a productive fantasy player for the rest of the season as the Cavs plan on shipping out Williams. He should finally be given the opportunity to be the primary starting point guard. His production should continue to rise, pushing his point total to around 14 and assists to six a game. Finding a solid point guard like that should be virtually impossible to come by…

PG Mario Chalmers MIA 6.4 PTS 2.1 REB 2.3 AST 1.1 STL 1.3 3PM

As I just stated, finding a solid PG this late in the season should be virtually impossible, but as always a change in the depth chart can immediately raise any players fantasy value. No player should be helped more then Mario Chalmers. Chalmers’ minutes’ increase could possibly double his season average. His assists could even triple as he distributes the ball to Wade, Bosh, and Lebron. Those three’s ability to make a wide array of shots should work out in some crazy assists totals for Chalmers. He should also benefit from a bunch of wide open shots which should boost his ability to make 3′s. Chalmers in the past has shown the ability of being a solid point guard, his numbers should soon match that.

CJ Miles UT 12.2 PTS 3.2 REB 1.7 AST 1.1 STL 1.5 3PM

If you are looking for a player to give you some solid numbers across the board look no further then Miles. Miles is the first player off Utah’s bench and gets a solid 20 minutes guaranteed every night. He also manages to fill up the stat line giving you mild production in every category but blocks. More importantly, he also would be the first player to step in if Andrei Kirilenko goes down for any period of time. With Kirilenko penchant to pick up a wide array of injuries, Miles’ production could rise. Either way, his current stats alone should justify a spot on your team.

Chuck Hayes HOU 6.9 PTS 6.4 REB 2.0 AST 0.9 STL

Hayes’ numbers are a little bit misleading as his minutes total has dramatically risen in the past couple of games. Hayes has managed to start playing around 30 minutes a game, allowing him the opportunity to put up huge numbers in every category but points. In his last 15 games he is averaging 9.6 PTS, 8.3 REB, 3.2 AST, and most importantly 1.7 steals and 1.1 Blocks. These last two totals could be a huge boost on either your weekly matchup or rotisserie stats. Hayes’ rebounding total and assists are top of the line for his position. He also adds versatility in being able to play power forward and center. If you need help on the front line, he should definitely be on your radar.

Greg Monroe DET 10.1 PTS .584 FG% 8.1 REB 1.5 STL .5 BLK Last 30 days

Monroe should be a player you look at only if Hayes is already gone. Monroe has finally started to utilize his size to start putting up solid fantasy numbers. Monroe’s minutes played has risen lately as Detroit looks to start the rebuilding process. Greg has rewarded the Pistons will solid big man production counting stats in all categories but blocks. Monroe’s 6’11 size should allow him to change that eventually; until then he should still give you solid rebounds and solid steals production.


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