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Weekly Fantasy NBA Breakdown

Buy Low: Eric Gordon SG LAC 24.1 PTS 4.5 AST 2.0 3PM 1.2 STL

Gordon was in the midst of a terrific season before being sidelined with a wrist injury. He had been on his way to being a possible All-Star, giving fantasy owners solid production in every category, except blocks. The severity of Gordon’s wrist injury should have his owners worried about the timetable of his return, which should give you an opening to snag him. Gordon’s wrist should be evaluated during the All Star break and he could be on his way back to action. You could grab him now for a low price and I recommend it. Gordon may have a short period of relative ineffectiveness, but should provide your team a late playoff push when all things are said and done.

Sell High: LaMarcus Aldridge POR 25.2 PTS 10.7 REB 1.8 BLK 1.5 STL

Aldrige has used this season as a platform to showcase his true ability. Before this season, he had always been looked at as a supporting class player not capable of shouldering the load. The former Longhorn has managed to thrive with Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, and Marcus Camby all going down with injuries. Roy and Camby’s return from injury could hurt Aldridge’s points and rebounds totals. As of right now almost every Blazers offensive set run through Aldridge, allowing him to put up gaudy point totals. Either way, his production can’t possibly climb any higher, cut the cord now before you get only part of his production.

Waiver Wire

PG Jonny Flynn 10.5 PTS 5.0 AST 2.8 REB 0.9 STL Last 15 days

After being a top 5 pick Jonny Flynn is finally starting to show glimpses of his abilities as a point guard. Most importantly Flynn’s time on the court has increased dramatically with him seeing over 30 minutes in each of these last 3 games. This has allowed him to rack up assist totals of 7, 6, and 4 while scoring in double digits in each of those 3 games. If Flynn continues to see extended PT his production should stay relatively solid, giving you solid points and assist totals. He also has shown glimpses that his long distance shooting has developed, giving owners almost a three pointer a game. If this continues to develop there is no reason that this total could rise to 1.5 or even 2 given his time on the court.

SG DeMar DeRozan TOR 18.5 PTS 4.1 REB 1.8 AST 1.4 STL

DeRozan’s production has been pretty consistent all season long. His biggest problem has been the fact that he is been playing for the woeful Toronto Raptors. He has benefited from the rosters lack of talent, producing solid point totals all season. He also has added in a decent amount of rebounds for a shooting guard. The real downside to the former Trojan is his lack of assists and three point shooting. He may be a great player to add to your team if you have a Dirk Nowiztki or Channing Frye that will prevent you from missing out on that stat.

SF Anthony Parker CLE 9.3 PTS 1.5 3PM 3.4 AST 1.8 STL 27.0 MIN

Parker is an intriguing second half sleeper candidate. After going through a rough first half, he has started to show glimpses of his shooting potential and more importantly has been inserted back into the Cavs starting lineup. With Parker finally getting above 30 minutes, he should push his point production to double digits and his 3 pointers made above two per game. He also has managed to distribute a solid amount of assists for small forwards and is also getting nearly two steals a game. The only downside to picking up Parker is the fact that he could have one foot already out the door and whichever team he ends up with could hamper his production. In the short term, Parker at the very least should add some solid 3 pointers, assists, and steals.

PF Ryan Anderson ORL 12.9 PTS 7.3 REB 2.6 3PM 27.3 MIN Last 15 Days

With Brandon Bass going down, Anderson has managed to squeeze his way into Orlando Magic’s starting lineup. This has given him the ability of getting a fair amount of 3 pointers and grabbing a lot of rebounds. Playing next to Dwight Howard, who is almost constantly sees double team gives Anderson a bevy of wide open threes. The downside to Anderson is his lack of field goal percentage. But, if you are hurting in three pointers and rebounds you could not find a better player to add to your lineup.


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