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Top 10 Fantasy Football Picks for 2010

Now there are some surprises here as my list doesn’t follow what most the pros are saying but hey how often are they right? Fantasy football is hard to predict and you gotta go with your gut feelings sometimes. If you don’t follow my list, that is ok. It is just another opinion from another guy. We will look back on this prediction at the end of the year and see how right or wrong I am. No more waiting guys, here are the top 10 in fantasy football according to Albert Medina.

10. Peyton Manning – When I see Peyton, I see the picture perfect quarterback. He is the most reliable and consistent quarterback in the league. He is smart and accurate and likes to torture the defense. He took the Colts to

More things are going through his head at this point than will go through yours probably all day.

the Super Bowl last year and will make another great run in 2010. Some leagues will see this guy going ahead of Brees and maybe even before Aaron Rodgers. Those two guys can light up the score board but with Peyton Manning don’t you just feel more comfortable knowing he is the one leading you into battle? Brees is great but I still feel a little nervous when he chunks it up there sometimes. Aaron Rodgers is going #1 at quarterback this year but don’t you get a little nervous taking so many sacks? I am not saying Manning will give you more points but you can certainly sleep easier at night with him on your team.

9. Steven Jackson – Jackson is an awesome running back on a horrible team. Other than those 4 other running a back above, Jackson has the most yards from scrimmage. The only problem is a lack of touchdowns from Mr. Jackson. This isn’t his fault because this team plays from behind and has to turn to the pass. I will say and say it proudly that Stephen Jackson on an above average team can easily be the number one running back in the NFL. Look what the man does being on a such a crappy team his whole career. The Rams will rely on Jackson a lot this year and will see a lot of touches in 2010. Now if only the injury bug doesn’t hit the Rams this year…

8. Michael Turner – After missing 5 games last year, Turner still put up solid numbers. He got hurt at the second half of the season and disappointed a lot of owners last year because it is the most important time of the season. He still put up 871 yards and 10 touchdowns last year with five less games than most other running backs. Word is that Turner looks to be in phenomenal shape and shed some weight. Getting faster never hurt nobody. Turner will be solid first round pick this year.

7. Frank Gore – Gore had a great season in 2009 and helped the 49ers become one of the better teams in the NFC. Gore has always been a premier back but showed last year that he hasn’t lost a step. With the addition of Crabtree and the breakout of Vernon Davis last year, the pressure will be lightened on the running game. Gore is the heart of the offense for the 49ers as he has been as they have been trying to find their answer to quarterback. He also gets a good amount of receptions so he can really help you in PPR leagues as well. As a strong runner and receiver look you can’t go wrong with this guy.

6. Drew Brees – Another phenomenal quarterback that puts up those big numbers and shows he is not afraid to air it up there. He trusts his receivers and brought the city of New Orleans a championship with his arm. Look for another big year from this guy (and keeping your fingers crossed cause that damn Madden curse is eyeballing New Orleans this year). The Saints are coming in with big targets on their back and is one reason why Drew Brees worries me a little bit and may look to Manning. With that being said though, Drew Brees does see things that others don’t and makes some unbelievable plays. He can score anytime if he is on the field and plays with that gunslinger style. He has the swagger and the ability to be great again this year. Can New Orleans and Drew Brees repeat again in 2010?

5. Aaron Rodgers – I landed this guy with my number 11 pick right after Chris Johnson (#10) in 2009 and man was I a scoring machine. I had the top QB and RB last year and was unstoppable. I obviously didn’t win the big one but that’s neither here nor there. Aaron Rodgers may have lost to Favre twice last year but GreenBay knows they havefound their replacement. This guy is gunslinger and he has the weapons. Imagine if he wasn’t sacked so much in the beginning of the year? Green Bay is coming in as a big Super Bowl favorite in 2010 and this guy has a lot to do with it. Aaron Rodgers actually went first overall in my league showing that some people don’t care what these cheat sheets say and have confidence in this guy.

4. Adrian Peterson – We all know #4 is going to return this year just not until a couple of games into preseason. What does #4 have to do with AP? Well, that is the reason I see the decline in AP’s numbers this year. We all saw that Favre can still throw theball andIexpect more of that this year. AP will still have a great year but once you are at the top, how long can you can stay in the top 3? I still think this guy is a phenomenal athlete and it is no slap in the face to AP, I just see these other guys having a bigger year based on their team situations. Being number 4 never was a bad thing so have a good year AP and hang on to that ball.

3. Ray Rice – Baltimore found themselves a gem in Ray Rice with that clogged up backfield in 2009. Ray Rice is the real deal and I expect an even better year from this guy. He had 78 receptions last year and he is a running back. That is more than most wide receivers. If you play in a PPR league, than this guy has shiny blinking lights all over him on draft day. Not only can he catch but he also can run the ball pretty good.

2. Maurice Jones Drew – I’m a big fan of this guy and like that he is still one of those solo running back guys. I put him in front of Adrian Peterson because I expect a little decline there. MJD is the biggest weapon on this team and is a touchdown machine. He is second in TDs only to Peterson and even punched in more times that Johnson last year. I have a feeling that MJD will be the number one overall player in 2011. Expect big things here.

1. Chris Johnson - No surprise here guys. This guy is coming off one of the best seasons from a running back ever. I picked this guy up with the last pick in the 1st round in 2009 after Steve Slaton, LT, Matt Forte and others were taken before me. Of course none of us can predict those kinds of things and who knows what I would of done had he not dropped to me. I just can’t see Chris Johnson not putting up big numbers this year and find this a safe number one overall pick

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. My picks may be different than most but I have my reasons. I’m sure your draft is getting close and hope some of this advice helps. This is a great time of the year guys so get ready. We will see guys emerge and prove a lot of people wrong and save some lucky bastards season. We will see some hearts broken as injuries are a part of the game and sometimes guys just have an off year. Good luck on your draft guys, hope I give you some help on draft day.

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