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Fantasy Football Top 50, Part 3 (30-21)

Here is where most of the great receivers land and we are getting closer to the better bulk of the running backs. There is only one quarterback on this list and he isn’t even sure whether he is going to play this year. Everyone predicts that guy to play so he stays on the list. Here is 30-21.

30. Brett Favre – We all know Favre is coming back whether he says so or not. He had one of the best seasons of his career in Minnesota and proved to everybody that age doesn’t always matter. He torched the Packers twice,

After a successful run in 2009 with the Vikings, Favre is going to...... to be continued.....not even he knows if he is coming back....or does he

had a crazy Favre-style comeback in San Francisco, and ended the Cowboys season with a nasty taste in their mouth. The man has that Favre magic and he is not afraid to use it. Favre had the ankle surgery in the offseason and has been practicing with those high school students. He says he is waiting to see if he is going to be healthy enough but we all know he just doesn’t want to go through another training camp. Nor should he. This man doesn’t need training camps. He is doing the Vikings the favor when he comes back because without him, they are just another good but not great team. All signs point to yes that he will return but if you want someone that is going to be there week 1 for sure go with Cutler. If you’re a gambler and want to win it all, take Favre…..and keep your fingers crossed.

29. DeSean Jackson - One of the most explosive receivers in the NFL was injured in training camp recently and carted off the field. We don’t know how serious it is but if turns out to be nothing, expect big things from this guy. The man has speed and hands and will leave you in the dust with the pass happy offense. Jackson is the number one receiver in Philly and is a great choice for your number one receiver. Keep an eye on this guy for the next couple of days to watch his injury. If your draft is coming fast, take Jackson with hopes of the injury being minor. I hate training camp and pre-season injuries with a passion. I am all for the 18 game seasons and taking it easy at training camp on your starters.

28. Knowshon Moreno – Here is another injured starter due to training camp. The 2nd string running back, Correll Buckhalter, even got injured that same day. What are these guys doing in training camp? I know football is a full contact, high intensity sport but we have to do something about injuries prior to the start of the regular season. Moreno did have a solid rookie season putting up over a 1,000 yards and getting 9 touchdowns overall. I expect Moreno to put up the same if not better numbers this year and is a solid #2 running back. Now…stay healthy guys!

27. Calvin Johnson – Being the brightest spot on the Detroit Lions for the past few seasons, the Lions are finally getting some help to compliment Calvin Johnson. Nate Burleson will be lining up with Johnson this year help distract some defensive backs his way. Johnson did have a less than mediocre year in 2010 to his standards. As the Lions continue to grow, so will Johnson’s numbers. Matthew Stafford put his first year under his belt and will continue to get better every game. Johnson will be a good #1 receiver and should be taken late 2nd or early 3rd round.

26. Miles Austin - Miles Austin is one of those guys that you can’t help but smile when you see him smile. Austin loves to smile when he makes big plays and he had a smile on his face a lot in 2009. He had a breakout game against the overtime win against the Kansas City Chiefs. Keep in mind Austin didn’t start the full season and still put up better numbers than most of the top wide receivers in the NFL. Austin will have another great year but will probably not score as easy as he is now going to be a target from opposing defenses. If Dez Bryant turns out to be the real deal, expect this one-two combo to be one of the most dangerous in the NFL. Smiles Austin will be a great #1 wide receiver.

25. Ryan Grant – Grant was a very consistent running back in 2009 despite being on a pass happy offense. He is on one of the few teams that rely mostly on one running back and with that mind he is a very strong #2 running back. To me he lines up better as #2 than a #1 because he doesn’t have those big games very often. That being said, you won’t mind when he is constantly giving you 12-15 points as your superstar is putting up (hopefully) over 20. The Packers did take a lineman in the first round and hopefully this helps the running game. I would take Ryan Grant with my 3rd pick if he is still there after I got a strong running back and quarterback.

24. Randy Moss - It is his last year in his contract and needs to prove to the Patriots that they should extend it. Randy Moss isn’t getting any younger and probably has a good 3 years left in him. His stats are still there and he continues to be one of the most productive and consistent wide receivers in the game. I like Randy Moss a lot and would feel very comfortable every week knowing he is on my team. He has one of the best quarterbacks of all time throwing the rock to him and one of the smartest coaches in the game. I really don’t see the Patriots being that strong offense they once were but still expect big numbers from Moss. Randy Moss is a safe #1 pick and keep him on your radar if you pick mid to late second round.

23. Ryan Matthews - Another rookie coming into the NFL and taking the starting job is Ryan Matthews. The Chargers have a lot of confidence in this guy naming him the starter for week 1. Matthews is one of the few rookies I recommend taking early because he is already destined to have a big year. He will have 250-300 carries this coming season and is one rookie I would not be afraid to gamble on.

22. Larry Fitzgerald - Larry Fitzgerald is the #2 receiver this year not because his receiving ability is declining, but because the fact that Kurt Warner decided to hang it up. We can’t trust Matt Leinart just yet, but if your as talented as Fitzgerald you are still going to have a great season. Fitzgerald is one of the best in the business with great hands and dangerous speed.

21. Reggie Wayne – With the most reliable quarterback in the game comes the most reliable receiver in the game. Wayne is Peyton Manning’s go to guy and even with a crowded and talented receiving group in Indianapolis, Wayne always seems to emerge as the top #1 receiver. He is a great #1 receiver you can count on every week.

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