NFL Fantasy Football Top 50, Part 2 (40-31)


We have some strong running backs on this list however you will notice that they play on those teams who use more than one running back. Most of these guys will fill your #2 or flex positions. If you land these quarterbacks in this list then you should have some pretty good running backs meaning you went running back heavy early. Here they are #40-31

40. Kevin Kolb – Taking the snaps in the “City of Brotherly Love” is Kevin Kolb. A lot of Eagle fans have wanted this and now you are finally going to get it. I am one of the guys who disagreed with getting rid of McNabb, but

Kevin Kolb takes over in Philly and is loaded with weapons

hey Philly, you got your wish. Kolb did have two great games in 2009 and is loaded with weapons (pending the Jackson and Maclin injuries) on offense. Kolb has all the right tools and surroundings to have a great year but if he has a 2-3 game slip, it won’t be long until we start hearing the Michael Vick chant.

39. Pierre Thomas – Thomas is another good running back that doesn’t show in his stats because of his crowded backfield last year. The New Orleans Saints also has a very explosive, quick scoring passing offense that tends to take away from the running game a bit. Thomas is a better rounded running back than Bush, but Bush has that big play capability that Thomas doesn’t really have. Thomas will serve as a good flex running back.

38. Ronnie Brown – The Dolphins have a good thing going on with the Wildcat offense and their running back combo. Ronnie Brown is the “starter” in Miami, but Ricky Williams did surpass expectations last year when Brown went down. Ronnie Brown is coming back in 2010 and will be the starter but he may share more carries than usual with Williams this year. So also be careful if Brown fails to deliver because the Dolphins can easily switch roles. I don’t see that happening but it is a thought you have to keep in mind. Brown does run the Wildcat offense and Miami seems to be the best team to make this scheme work.

37. Jonathan Stewart – The NFL has more spectacular running backs than NFL teams and Stewart is another guy that must suffer this fact. DeAngelo Williams stands in front of him on the roster, but Stewart is another guy that is just as good, if not better than the starter. The NFL has evolved to a multiple running back offense which keeps these guys more fresh, which is a good thing in all things NFL except fantasy. Stewart had an amazing year last year and took advantage of his time when Williams went down. Stewart’s stats were better at the end of the year and will be a good option at a flex position or a late #2 running back. Carolina is a run first team so he should his fair share amount of carries.

36. Greg Jennings – Being on the same side as the #1 overall quarterback in the NFL can only mean good things for the wide receivers. Jennings numbers declined some and only put up 4 touchdowns. However I have a good feeling for this guy in 2010 and expect to have a strong year as the Packers attempt to make that Super Bowl run. Jennings will be a solid #2 receiver or a decent #1 receiver in bigger leagues.

35. Brandon Marshall – Brandon Marshall went south for the winter and became a Dolphin in the offseason. Marshall is definitely one of the best receivers in the NFL and is great choice for a #1 receiver. Marshall broke the record for most receptions in a game with 21 last year and caught over 100 passes. He may not have as many receptions because how often Miami runs the ball, but expect big numbers overall from Marshall.

34. Roddy White – White is receiver that gets better every year. If he continues to grow he will have a year that will be one to remember. Atlanta is a team that I expect to bounce back in 2010 and White should be a big reason for that. He caught the most touchdowns of his career with 11 in 2009 and should be close if not more next year.

33. Beanie Wells – With the departure of Kurt Warner, Beanie Wells stock went up a notch. The Cardinals will rely more on the run than they have in the past to help relieve some pressure off Leinart. I see Wells getting the majority of the carries and Hightower being more of a third down running back. Wells is another good option at a flex position and maybe could emerge as a more reliable #2 running back if he proves he can continue to develop.

32. LeSean McCoy – Philly likes to pass the ball but that doesn’t always mean they throw to the receivers. McCoy had 40 receptions last year and is a great option in a PPR league. He is now the starter as the aging Westbrook was released in the offseason. The Eagles will look for ways to use McCoy every chance they get to make the job easier on Kolb. McCoy will pick up where Westbrook left off and won’t miss a step. I like McCoy a lot this year and see this being a great option in the late 2nd or early 3rd year. If you have a PPR league, you may want to get him even earlier.

31. Jay Cutler - After a horrendous first year in Chicago, I expect Cutler to bounce back and improve. Cutler is a good quarterback that was trying to do too much and cost him a lot of big mistakes. Cutler will have another year to get comfortable with this offense and Mike Martz will hopefully help rid of those nasty interceptions that Cutler seemed to be in love with last year. Cutler did throw for an incredible 27 touchdowns, but who cares when you throw for 26 interceptions?! Cutler had a good but sloppy year in 2009. If he cleans his game up in 2010, this could be a steal in the middle rounds.

We are getting some decent names in this list as we get to the middle of the list. You should see a lot of these names going in the third round.

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