2011 Fantasy Football: New NFL Rookies Worth Watching

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Lets take a quick look at rookies that could help out your fantasy football teams this upcoming year.

1. Mark Ingram, RB (New Orleans)

Mark Ingram is the first guy you need to look at when thinking about grabbing rookies in next year’s fantasy draft. Ingram’s fall in draft led to him falling right in the laps of the Saints. A team that has a tremendous passing game without much competition at the running back position. A perfect combo for Ingram. He’ll end up with 1,000 yards and six-plus touchdowns during his rookie campaign. That’s a gaurantee. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll quit my job as the fantasy prognosticator for the pinkie and go open Big John’s Pawn Shop. I promise. Look, 1,000 yards and six touches is his floor. The upside is even greater. As a fantasy owner I would have no fear using a 5th or 6th round pick on the guy. Do it.

2. Julio Jones, WR (Atlanta)

I think that A.J. Green (Cincinnati) is more talented than Jones. But, there is no denying that Jones’ situation, Atlanta compared to Cincinnati, is much greater. He is lucky enough to be in an offense with Matt Ryan and a number one receiver on the other side with Roddy White. Green gets Mike Brown’s grinch-like antics and the possiblity of Carson Palmer’s scrub brother, Jordan, under center. It’s a joke. If Julio Jones put up 700 yards and five touchdowns in his rookie campaign, I would not be surprised at all. His speed and strength should allow him to make a immediate impact for your fantasy team.

3. A.J. Green, WR (Cincinnati)

Speaking of the devil. The kid is a strait stud and that is why you still have to consider drafting him despite the fact that we don’t know who is going to be under center for the Bengals. If Carson Palmer changes his mind and decides to play for the orange and black next year, Green’s value sky rockets immediately. But, all indications point to that not happening despite the fact that the Bengals’ front office went out and got him some new toys. Right now it appears as if the Who Deys want to start rookie Andy Dalton right out of the gate. With two rookies going at it, it is tough to really know what to expect from either player.

4. Andy Dalton, QB (Cincinnati)

It appears that if Palmer sits out, Dalton is the man and that is the only reason he is high on this list. All of the other quarterbacks drafted high will more than likely start the year with a clipboard rather than a football. Dalton has no one else in front of him if Palmer keeps his word and never plays in Cincy again.

5. Jon Baldwin, WR (Kansas City)

Simply looking at sheer athleticism and talent, Baldwin rivals both A.J. Green and Julio Jones. But, his hands and route running ability are question marks. He managed to produce solid numbers every year with Pittsburgh and KC head coach Todd Hailey seems to know what he is doing in getting wide receivers to go to the next level. Case in point, Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe. Baldwin could be the next guy to join this list. Don’t be afraid of using a late draft pick on him.

6. Cam Newton, QB (Carolina)

Newton would rank higher on this list if there weren’t so many questions surrounding him. The biggest question is how are the Panthers going to handle him. Will he start right away or spend most of his time with a clipboard. You also have to wonder who Newton will throw the ball to. With Steve Smith already in a decline and supposedly on his way out, the Panthers are already very thin at the position. Finally, his ability to throw the football is still under review. Newton’s ability to make plays with his legs should help take away some of the concerns about his ability to throw. Also, the kid was the No. 1 overall pick for a reason.


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