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NFL Fantasy Breakdown: Week 16

Notes and tidbits from the Doctor's office to help you get an edge on your fantasy competition.

The Doctor is in...

1) Raheem Morris has no one to blame but himself for losing that HUGE game against Detroit. By kicking the FG with 1:45 left in the game, the Bucs got too conservative and hurt their chances to make the playoffs. It is a shame, because the Bucs have Seattle at home this week, which should be fantasy gold for LeGarrette Blount and Mike Williams.

2) Please don't compare Tim Tebow to Steve Young. Steve Young was a prolific passer at BYU and a HOF quarterback. Think of Tebow as Vince Young with character. Tebow still needs big time help with his mechanics, but he shows enough leadership qualities to win over his teammates.

3) Is it just me or did everyone want to see DeSean Jackson trip when his was showboating by the goal line on his amazing punt return?

4) The only word I have for Brett Favre is selfish. What purpose did it serve for him to play on Monday night? Plus, he pissed off a few fantasy owners who were counting on Joe Webb to play.

5) Yes, Mark Sanchez played well against the Steelers. No, I don't think the Jets win that game if Troy Polomalu is playing.

6) Peyton Hillis and Arien Foster both didn't show up in Week 15. Goes to show how much of a crapshoot fantasy football really is. For what it is worth, Jonathan Stewart has been a week 14-16 stud the last two years.

7) Dr. Roto apologizes to Rex Grossman, Sexy Rexy was better than I thought he would be against the Cowboys. But, I still wouldn't make him my starting QB on any roster I owned.

8) If Chad Henne is the quarterback for the Dolphins next year, even a striptease by co-owner J-Lo won't get people to the games in Miami. Dr. Roto sees a clipboard and a backwards cap in Henne's future.

9) Remember what I said earlier in the season: Kenny Britt is the real deal and will be a top 10 WR next year.

10) The loss of Austin Collie is a crushing blow to the Colts, but Peyton Manning will get them to the playoffs this year regardless.

11) Although he won't be back with the Bengals next year, Terrell Owens proved himself to be fantasy relevant again. Bet on him to recover from his recent ankle injury and be back terrorizing defenses in 2011.

12) How many teams could Jon Kitna start for? Dr. Roto thinks at least 8.

The Doctor is out...

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