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NFL Fantasy Football Breakdown Week 15

Notes and tidbits from the Doctor's office to help you get an edge on your fantasy competition.

The Doctor is in...

1) Santonio Holmes' drop in the end zone yesterday rivals Jackie Smith's drop in the Super Bowl. Yes, it was really that BAD. Fans can blame Mark Sanchez all they want, but his receivers let him down with at least 7 drops of catchable passes.

2) Was it me or did Graham Gano's missed extra point at the end of the game remind you of the end of North Dallas Forty? FYI North Dallas Forty is Dr. Roto's favorite football film of all time.

3) How does Ben Watson go from 10 catches one week to 1 catch the next? That's right, it's because Jake Delhomme is the worst starting QB in the NFL.

4) If Jimmy Clausen is still the QB of the future in Carolina, I want to live in the past forever.

5) The collective groan that you heard this weekend was over 10,000 fantasy owners who lost Aaron Rodgers to a concussion during the fantasy playoffs. Rodgers is still in Dr. Roto's top 5 QB's for next year.

6) Can someone tell me why Michael Bush was on the field when the Raiders were driving to tie the game in Jacksonville? Darren McFadden is Dr. Roto's most improved player of the year.

7) Add Arrelious Benn to the list of talented young WR to watch in the coming years. He has good hands and runs hard after the catch. Benn is a perfect complement to Mike Williams in Tampa.

8) The Seahawks need to get healthy ASAP at WR. Deon Butler is out with a broken leg, and Brandon Stokley has a bad hammy. Golden Tate may finally get his chance to make an impact.

9) The Miami Dolphins need to get rid of Dan Henning at OC. Their offense was way too predictable against the Jets.

10) Never go chasing rainbows---or pick a bad defense even in a good matchup. Anyone who picked up the Denver defense this year (including Dr. Roto) watched as the Broncos could not even frustrate John Skelton.

11) DeSean Jackson may be immature, but he is a top 5 WR with Michael Vick at QB. He is capable of putting up 1st round fantasy stats in drafts next year.

12) Jacoby Jones finally emerged Monday night. His speed and presence helps Andre Johnson and the powerful Texans offense reach another level.

The Doctor is out...

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