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NFL Fantasy Football Breakdown: Week 14

Notes and tidbits from the Doctor's office to help you get an edge on your fantasy competition.

The Doctor is in...

1) Josh McDaniels got a raw deal in Denver. Last year he had to deal with malcontents Cutler and Marshall, and this year his best defensive player (Elvis Dumervil) was out on IR. Look for McDaniels to get another shot down the road (Carolina?) and watch him shine.

2) Dr. Roto called it last week: Bill Belichick NEVER loses to the same team twice in a row. The Jets have showed that they have much to work on before the playoffs begin. BTW Dr. Roto called Aaron Hernandez as his RIP Van Winkle play of the week.

3) The writing is on the wall for Marvin Lewis in Cincy. Once again, his team played well only to lose due to some bad mental mistakes at the end of the game.

4) Both Chris Johnson and Randy Moss look like they're dogging it for the Titans. Moss should be benched in all leagues from this point forward.

5) The loss of Aqib Talib is HUGE for the Bucs. Talib was the shutdown cover that allowed Ronde Barber to free lance a bit in the secondary. Now Barber has to cover all the top opposing WR. Not a good thing, as Barber has clearly lost a step or two.

6) Dr. Roto thought the Chargers were going to make their usual December comeback, but after watching the Raiders defense put all kinds of pressure on Rivers, I have severe doubts that the offensive line is good enough for them to make the playoffs this year.

7) The Lions are the most jinxed team in the NFL. Once again, the referees make a horrible call to cost the Lions the game. Drew Stanton looked pretty good; he might be the top #3QB in the game.

8) Bill Parcells is no fool: he knew to get out of Miami before Chad Henne completely implodes.

9) If Jason Garrett played Tashard Choice a bit more, he would guarantee himself a permanent coaching gig in Dallas. Choice is fast, has good hands, and is strong enough for goal line carries to boot.

10) Fantasy Alert: Hines Ward looks shot. Emmanuel Sanders is a name to remember in Pittsburgh. He played for June Jones at SMU, so he knows the pro style offense pretty well.

11) Keep a close eye on Arizona QB John Skelton. Dr. Roto compares him to a young Joe Flacco. He's got great size and a cannon for an arm. If given time, he may develop into the QB of the future in Phoenix.

12) Do you think Rex Ryan regrets cutting Danny Woodhead and keeping Joe McKnight? Woodhead may be the unsung star of the Patriots.

The Doctor is out...

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