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NFL Fantasy Football Breakdown: Week 13

Notes and tidbits from the Doctor's office to help you get an edge on your fantasy competition.

The Doctor is in...

1) Why so serious? Seriously, Steve Johnson's drop was one of the worst I have ever seen. To his credit, he owned up to it in the post-game press conference. Johnson has potential, but he is not there yet as a top WR.

2) If you were wondering how important a good offensive line is ask Peyton Manning. He has been a different player this year now that he is getting hit on almost every play.

3) Tampa Bay's defense took a big hit with the loss of Cody Grimm. Grimm was good in coverage and a solid run stopper. Look for teams to have more success throwing against the Bucs in the next few weeks.

4) Vincent Jackson? We hardly knew you this are once again irrelevant to fantasy players. Antonio Gates is more of a decoy than star due to injury.

5) Brian Westbrook had a great game in place of the injured Frank Gore, but Dr. Roto is a bigger fan of Anthony Dixon. Dixon is strong, explosive, and a perfect guy to use at the goal line.

6) No doubt in my mind that the San Diego Chargers are winning the AFC West. The Chiefs can't play the Seahawks every week.

7) If you are looking for two good WR's who are flying under the radar check out: James Jones and Ben Obomanu. Jones will soon be the number two WR in Green Bay. Obomanu has asserted himself nicely since he has been inserted into the starting lineup in Seattle.

8) PLEASE Eric Mangini---BENCH JAKE DELHOMME! He is awful and almost cost the Browns the game against the Panthers.

9) Danario Alexander looked healthy this week for the Rams. The Rams love his upside and sheer ability. Grab him now if he is on your league's waiver wire.

10) Where have you gone, Darren McFadden?? Fantasy owners miss you. (watch his numbers decline even more with Jason Campbell under center).

11) Chris Johnson has recently become just a mediocre fantasy RB. It really shows the value of a balanced attack and a healthy QB. The TItans (including Moss) look like they are going through the motions.

12) I am wondering if Derek Anderson has naked pictures of Ken Wisenhunt? I cannot think of any other reason that he is starting each week for the Cardinals.

The Doctor is out...

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