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NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Guide

For those of you diehards out there looking to play playoff fantasy football, here is a quick guide for you to use at your drafts.

Above all else, the key is to find teams that play 2 or more games. The more wins for the team; the more games for your players.

That said, Dr. Roto thinks that we will see the Patriots vs the Eagles in the Super Bowl so he recommends those players highly. The Jets, Ravens, Colts, Bears, and Falcons may get a game or two. It may be one and done for the Packers, Seahawks, and Chiefs.

1) Tom Brady: the Pats are the closest thing to a lock to make the Super Bowl. Brady may be the MVP of your playoff team too.
2) Michael Vick: Do you want to pick against him? Plus he might get 4 games
3) Ben Roethlisberger: If the Pats don't make it, it will be because Ben plays the game of his life.
4) Drew Brees: No way that the Saints don't get 2 games. Possibility they get 3
5) Matt Ryan: No shock to see the Falcons make it to the Bowl after having Home Field Advantage
6) Joe Flacco: Don't love him, but the Ravens should get 2 games
7) Peyton Manning: Even though the Colts may lose to the Jets, Peyton's numbers might be better than Sanchez's two starts
8) Mark Sanchez: Only because I think the Jets shock the Colts in Indy.

1) BenJarvis Green Ellis: The TD king on the best team in football
2) Danny Woodhead: Go ahead and laugh, but if the Pats get 3 games, Woodhead will roll out the numbers
3) LeSean McCoy: Like I said, if he gets 4 games, he's the #1 RB
4) Rashard Mendenhall: Will have two tough matchups, but he gets the rock
5) Ray Rice: Two games with tons of catches and touches
6) Michael Turner: Could actually be higher on my list
7) LaDanian Tomlinson: If the Jets win in Indy, he will have two games of numbers for you
8) Pierre Thomas: If healthy, bump him up this list
9) Jamal Charles: should only get one game, but if he gets two or three, you could win your league
10) Matt Forte: see Jamal Charles

1) Wes Welker: Brady's favorite target makes for a terrific pick
2) Deion Branch: Who remembers that he was the Super Bowl MVP?
3) DeSean Jackson: Could be number one on this list easily
4) Jeremy Maclin: If the Eagles go far, so will Maclin
5) Mike Wallace: Could put up 200 yds with 2 TD for you in 2 games
6) Hines Ward: Ben will go to him often in PPR leagues
7) Lance Moore: Should get two games, and with Colston hurting seems like the man
8) Santonio Holmes: Everyone knows what he can do in the playoffs
9) Roddy White: Will see triple coverage in the playoffs, but too good not to have on your team
10) Greg Jennings: Could have one big game
11) Robert Meachem: Nice upside sleeper
12) Derrick Mason: Silent but deadly
13) Anquan Boldin: Could be his last chance at the Super Bowl
14) Johnny Knox: If the Bears win, he probably had something to do with it.
15) Blair White: Revis gets Wayne, Cromartie gets Garcon. No one gets White.

1) Rob Gronkowski: Notice my love for the Pats yet?
2) Brent Celek: Vick doesn't really look for him, but got to stick with the Eagles
3) Jimmy Graham: Two games could be two TD for this guy
4) Jacob Tamme: Will do more in one game than most guys do in 3 in PPR league
5) Tony Gonzalez: Dr. Roto admits to rooting for this guy.
6) Dustin Keller: Two games from him would be nice
7) Heath Miller: Not sexy, but effective
8) Greg Olsen: Only cause Cutler goes to him in the endzone

1) Shayne Graham: Doesn't feel right not having Vinatieri here
2) David Akers
3) Shaun Suisham
4) Garrett Hartley
5) Matt Bryant
6) Billy Cundiff
7) Nick Folk
8) Adam Vinaiteri: more playoff magic?

1) New England Patriots
2) Philadelphia Eagles
3) Pittsburgh Steelers
4) New Orleans Saints
5) Atlanta Falcons
6) Baltimore Ravens
7) New York Jets
8) Indianapolis Colts

For more insight and opinion of Fantasy Football, be sure to catch my weekly Fantasy Football 411 Podcast on Friday evenings at 10:00PM EST. Feel free to call and have your questions answered on the air @ 646-915-9367.

You may email Dr. Roto directly HERE or follow him on Twitter at DrRoto

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