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NFL Fantasy Football Breakdown: Week 17

Notes and tidbits from the Doctor's office to help you get an edge on your fantasy competition.

The Doctor is in...

Dr. Roto would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. May 2011 bring you many roto victories!

NEXT WEEK: Dr. Roto will have a playoff fantasy guide for you to use in your fantasy playoff drafts.

1) AJ Smith and Norv Turner are back again for the Chargers next year. This means good numbers for Phillip Rivers and the Chargers offense. It also means that they are no lock to reach the playoffs yet again.

2) The Bears and Jets both have major holes on defense heading into the playoffs. Dustin Keller played well against Chicago; he really needs to step up in the playoffs for the Jets to have a chance.

3) Answer: Biggest bust in Week 16 fantasy playoff super bowl Question: Who is Rashad Jennings?

4) Dr. Roto's favorite young QB (Josh Freeman) looked great this week. Keep an eye on him in your drafts next year.

5) Aaron Rodgers (and other good NFC teams) have figured out that the Giants defense is very soft down the middle.

6) Say Goodbye to Gary Kubiak and Eric Mangini. They will be fired within a week.

7) No player has stepped up more than Matt Cassel. Just off surgery, he looks great running the Chiefs' offense. Charles and Bowe are good, but the Chiefs need one more weapon to win a playoff game. Paging Dexter McCluster!!

8) Dr.Roto felt badly for Matt Hasselbeck. When a QB gets hurt without being touched, it is time to join your brother at ESPN.

9) Did anyone else notice how much the Chargers missed Mike Tolbert? He is the Little Engine that Could.

10) Two names to keep an eye on for next year: Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell. Along with Jordan Shipley, they might be the starting WRs in Cincy in 2011.

11) You heard it here first: Danario Alexander will make a big play next week in Seattle as St. Louis wins the NFC Worst.

12) Dr. Roto still loves Chris Cooley. but that drop in the end zone was putrid.

The Doctor is out...

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