Fantasy Football: Bad News for Arian Foster Owners

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If you have Houston Texans RB Arian Foster on your roster, there is a good chance you spent your first-round pick on him. The lowest we saw him go in any draft this year was 8th, and that was considered a free fall. He went No. 1 overall in many drafts.

But, it’s been a slow start for Arian Foster the People who hasn’t been running around in his pumped up kicks. He’s been battling a hamstring injury, but it looks like he’s going to play some this week. The problem? Ben Tate “is definitely going to play” too, according to Gary Kubiak.

That sucks for both buys!

Of Foster, Kubiak said, “He looks ready to play. He’s had a good week. I think he’ll be fine.”

Ugh, this is a nightmare. You don’t want to sit out Foster, but you don’t want to waste a starting slot on him either if he’s going to be splitting time. This is not what you drafted him so high for.

You can easily make the argument that he’ll resume being the guy in a few weeks, but how can you say that for sure? If Ben Tate is impressive in his opportunities, you can bet they are going to work him in all year.


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