2010-11 NBA Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers


Dear GMTR, fantasy basketball owners and Fantasy supporters wherever you may be tonight;

I am not here to talk more about the self-proclaimed “king” who betrayed his hometown in a narcissistic self-orgy known as the “decision” which was the most self-congratulatory, shameful, backstabbing, cowardly act I have ever “witnessed” in my life.

No, the “chosen one” is dead in the hearts and minds of CLEVELAND CAVALIERS FANS, and there is no doubt in my mind that the so-called Cleveland “curse” has traveled to the town where “he” will play to infect him, his team, and ALL THE COWARDS THAT SUPPORT HIM.

Rather, I’m here to talk about the good news. The good news is that the hardworking, loyal staff and players of the Cavaliers wake up each day with a renewed “energy” and “motivation” to bring hardware to Cleveland.

FANTASY BASKETBALL OWNERS deserve more than “he” could provide and our commitment to you is evidenced by the exciting and loyal team of young players that will UNDOUBTEDLY lead the Cavaliers to a championship long before the self-titled former “king” ever wins one. I COULD NOT be more “excited” about the team that we are going to put on the court this season.

PG Maurice Williams, Ramon Sessions, Daniel Gibson

SG Anthony Parker, Danny Green, Christian Eyenga

SF Jamario Moon, Joey Graham, Jawad Williams

PF Antawn Jamison, J.J. Hickson, Leon Powe

C Anderson Varejao, Ryan Hollins


Antawn Jamison is a great man and oozes the type of veteran leadership that a “king” always demands but never EARNS. Antawn has been a “team” leader ever since the self-proclaimed “chosen one” was in diapers and he will be a legitimate 20 point per game offensive “machine” for this team. Cleveland Cavalier fans are GOING TO LOVE watching Antawn SCORING from “all over” the court. That is until we trade his large contract away at the trade deadline.

Why would we do that? Because of the YOUNG, ENERGETIC, ATHLETIC freak named J.J. Hickson who comes with “motor” to spare. There is a “reason” why the Cleveland Cavaliers refused to GIVE AWAY Hickson at the trade deadline last season and it is because we are about to “witness” him become a CERTIFIED superstar. Here is a player who “cares” about his teammates and WILL “dominate” as a scorer and rebounder long after “he” is out of the league.

Mo Williams understands what it means to be a CLEVELAND CAVALIER. While the so-called “team” that shall not be named can’t even find a ”real” point guard, the Cleveland Cavaliers have an ALL-STAR at the position. Mo will come ready to play this year and we are CONFIDENT that with the ball “running” through his hands rather than the ball-slogging “king,” his stats are going to “rise” well beyond just being a three point specialist.

And while “his” team is point guard-less, the Cleveland Cavaliers actually have a SECOND “young”, multi-dimensional point guard in Ramon Sessions ready to “fly”. Our team has NOT seen a player with Sessions’ “ability” to create UNSELFISHLY on offense in a LONG TIME and he will make the Cavaliers a “dynamic” offense for the first time in at least 7 years. We love the fact that Ramon has averaged 6.9 assists per 36 minutes over his career WITHOUT BEING A BALL HOG. You may even see Coach Byron Scott “play” them on the court at the same time to take advantage of teams with “slow” lineups who try to use “point-forwards” as ball handlers.

Anderson Varejao is the HEART AND SOUL of our defense, words that I am sure “he who shall not be named” doesn’t understand. The Brazilian beast is better than any so-called “center” the “cheats” pulled off the SCRAP HEAP this year. Unlike the “king” Varejao knows that “playing” the game the right way doesn’t mean standing around like a statue when you don’t have the ball. It means doing the little things, like crashing the boards, playing help defense, and TAKING CHARGES.

Anthony Parker, Danny Green, Jamario Moon and Jawad Williams? Even I can’t defend that. But rest assured, the LOYAL staff of of the Cleveland Cavaliers are “working” on it.

In the meantime, I want to make one statement to you tonight: I personally GUARANTEE that the Cleveland Cavaliers have more fantasy value this upcoming season than anything the self-titled former “king” does.

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