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Fantasy Basketball Impact of Nets Brook Lopez's Injury

New Jersey Nets‘ center Brook Lopez has a stress fracture in his fifth metatarsal and is expected to undergo surgery. This sends the Nets’ trade prospects for Dwight Howard into limbo for now. There are varied reports coming from all around revolving on how long Lopez will be sidelined. For a safe estimate, to make your decisions for fantasy, assume he’ll be gone for about SIX weeks, minimum.

In the midst of this adversity, New Jersey jumped on a chance to acquire a “serviceable” big man. They trade for the Jazz’s Mehmet Okur for a future second-round pick and a trade exception.

Fantasy Impact:

Mehmet Okur, who has been widely undrafted in most leagues is now a must-add. So if you’re in a fantasy league that I happen to not be in, go NOW and grab Okur off the FA pool. He’s lost weight and has been reported to be 100% healthy.

Brook Lopez should be dropped in all daily changes leagues, unless he’s your keeper in a keeper league. You can stash him for the stretch run in fantasy playoffs if you want, but note that this will curtail your flexibility as he will be sitting in your bench for quite awhile. There is also the possibility that he might not play at all this season.

Kris Humphries now has an opportunity to work his butt off to get the most return out of his one-year deal with Jersey to get a big pay day next season. He can now be expected to be a double-double beast and should be drafted accordingly.

Okur’s departure slightly, very slightly, clears up the frontcourt log jam in Utah. This improves the reliability of Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap a bit and also speeds up the development of Enes Kanter.

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